Just to be clear...

Whilst the Terms & Conditions of site use make it very clear what our respective legal positions are regarding the information made available on this site, I thought it worthwhile focussing on one very important aspect, which concerns your use of what you learn here, whether that be as a casual visitor, community member, Health Detective or Advocate.

Although many of the results achieved through embracing the principles of Moativational Medicine have truly been life and health-changing, Moativational Medicine is not a recognized medical entity, nor am I a qualified medical doctor (MD). I am, therefore, not licensed to offer medical advice.

Because your health is your responsibility, and I am cognisant of the strict guidelines the various world medical governing bodies have on what can and cannot be stated and claimed, you must decide if what Moativational Medicine states and claims applies to you.

This site contains both general and specific information and many of the opinions I hold on the subjects of health, healing, illness and wellness.

All of the information and opinions contained in this site are provided as an allied point of view to that/those you may already adopt, follow or hold. The information and opinions are designed to increase your options, broaden your horizons and empower you to make more informed choices for yourself.

Ultimately, the decision as to which model(s) you turn to is up to you.

As a matter of good practise you should always consult qualified health professionals for advice on, or for the diagnosis of, any health problem.

Thank you in advance for using all that you glean from the site and associated products and services to serve you and others with integrity and in an empowering, responsible, healthful and ecological manner.

Yours clearly,