Transparent Pricing & Value Policy

Fair Price, Excellent Value...

The health and wellbeing industry, together with its associated products and services, represents a multi-billion pound/dollar industry. My experience is that there is over-pricing, under-pricing, inconsistent pricing and appropriate pricing, all of which adds to the confusion you and I the consumer must negotiate before deciding who we give our money to.

As a potential or current customer of mine, you can be sure you will be treated as I would like to be treated. This means you will receive what I believe to be excellent value for your money and first-class service.

Regardless of how you are asked to pay for any products or services available through me, you can be sure the pricing that applies has been carefully thought out from my perspective. I am keen to be a profitable service provider that stays in business rather than one that goes out of business because of unrealistic pricing.

Health Detective Subscription

I am fortunate in that Moativational Medicine™ is unique. To my knowledge, nowhere is there a facility with the depth, breadth and capacity of the Health Detective service.

This is the flagship service of the Moativational Medicine™ brand, a service I am committed to making available to the widest possible audience because of the absolute belief in the good that it can do.

It would be foolish of me to price this service in a way that reflected its exclusivity, because despite how rare or unique it may be, these qualities do not make it affordable to everyone, even if rarity and uniqueness do make it sound compelling and desirable.

As far as is possible, I am keen to protect you from being parted from your money in a misleading way. My aim is to educate and empower you first, gain an excellent reputation as a provider of relevant, accurate, useful and up-to-date information second, and in the process establish and grow a successful brand and service with an excellent reputation.

This last aim will be determined by you and your perception of what I offer. Basic 'business sense' means that you will recommend something you like to others, and in some cases be critical about anything you don't. I wish to fall into the former camp, whilst respecting and observing my own personal values and reasons for providing this service.

That is why I have a Transparent Pricing & Value Policy. I hope by declaring these intentions it positively influences other suppliers of health and wellbeing-related products and services to treat us all in a similar way.

Yours transparently,