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One of the fundamental principles which underpins Moativational Medicine is that of the myriad of factors that can influence our state of physical health - diet, lifestyle, environment, thoughts, feelings, stress and genetics to name some but not all - it is the realms of thoughts and feelings, the "psycho-emotional" aspect of our being, which seems the least understood.

Formally known as psycho-neuro-immunology, or PNI, this area is fast-becoming an area of interest, and is already proving both significant and revealing as we search for answers to questions such as 'What has caused my illness?' and 'How do I get better and stay well?'.

If the reports are true about this being the fastest-emerging field and the most researched area of mainstream medicine, it is perhaps time to pay it due attention. However, the attention this field is receiving should not be considered new or surprising.

Since medicine was first recorded, the psycho-emotional make-up of an individual seems to have been a necessarily observed factor in assessing the cause of an illness. Study any number of health and healing philosophies and practises from around the world and you will find plenty of evidence to support this as being a critical area.

Over time, Western medicine seems to have lost sight of this aspect, preferring instead to create 'a pill for every ill' rather than understand, explore and treat what might be at the root of those ills. Today the term "stress" is widely and loosely used to bundle together any number of possible causes, leaving much room and desire for specific answers and solutions.

When we look deeply and honestly at the major causes of stress today, it is wise to observe that it is the thoughts and feelings we generate in response to life's events that seem to hold the key. Our beliefs, values, attitudes, emotions, prejudices and behaviours are all inter-twined to create an unconscious way of relating and being in the world, a combination which suffers from the distraction of suggesting that events, people or circumstances are the cause of our stressors.

This distraction has been so successful that we exist in a time when more people have more unwanted physical conditions - and for longer - than at any other time in history. Moativational Medicine is the result of exploring the lesser-trodden paths for answers, re-discovering and re-presenting in an easy-to-understand-and-apply manner what has always been true.

This model endeavours to explain and demonstrate - as simply as possible - exactly how our thoughts and emotions influence and stimulate the on-set and maintenance of the illnesses, ailments, unwanted physical symptoms and dis-eases that can befall any one of us at any time.

It is designed for everyone regardless of education, interest, knowledge or expertise, and anyone can become a member of the Health Detective Agency, a facility where you can uncover the extent and the role that any unresolved negative emotions, stresses, traumas or conflicts may be playing in the creation of any physical health challenge you may be experiencing - learn more about the Health Detective Agency

You are encouraged to view this as an harmonious ally to any traditional, complementary or alternative approach you may currently adopt, and to validate it by trying it for yourself.

Here's wishing you greater understanding and transformation for your health through exploring this path.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Moat
Creator of Moativational Medicine